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The City Talks video series consists of a number of segments related to financial education, community investment, business spotlights, City National Bank’s culture and more!

Business Spotlight: Anderson Pharmacy & Accents

Get a wide range of pharmacy services to fit your needs and lifestyle – with an added bonus of having pharmacists who understand and care about you. Meet Anderson Pharmacy & Accents in Lawton in this business spotlight segment of City Talks!

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Business Spotlight: Legend Driven Auto Group

Whether you want to buy a new vehicle or service it, they’re here to satisfy customers’ needs. Meet Legend Driven Auto Group in Lawton in this business spotlight segment of City Talks.

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Business Spotlight: Classic Lawton Chevrolet

The car sales industry is more than just about selling cars. Meet Classic Chevrolet in Lawton in this business spotlight segment of City Talks!

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City Vlogs: Avoid Having Your Debit Card Declined While Traveling

The last thing you want is your card to get declined while you’re traveling. Watch the video to learn about some tips to allow you uninterrupted access to your funds.

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