100+ Years of Banking

At City National Bank & Trust, commitment to our customers is more than a principle; it’s a way of life. Founded on an intense dedication to unmatched customer service and the most convenient and easy-to-use products and services, we at City National Bank pride ourselves on 100+ years of community banking.

Six years before Oklahoma became a state, City National Bank became what would be one of the oldest and most respected community banks in the area. In early 1901, a handful of men applied for a bank charter in a soon-to-be-opened reservation in southwest Oklahoma. On March 23, 1901, (four months and 15 days before Lawton became a town) the bank charter was issued and bore the name “First National Bank of Fort Sill.”

In July of that year, “Lawton” was chosen for the town in honor of Major General Henry W. Lawton, and the name of the bank was immediately changed to “City National Bank of Lawton.” In order to start serving the community immediately, a small framed structure was built on wheels and rolled into town. Mr. Frank M. English became president of the bank three years later and served 27 years. His successor, J.R. “Dolph” Montgomery became president in 1931 at the age of 24. At that time, he was said to be the youngest president of a national bank in the United States. He served as president for 44 years until his death in 1975.

In December 1976, City National Bank moved into its present headquarters located at Fifth and “D” Avenue. In 1982, City National Bank’s first ATM was installed, and in 1985, City National Bank opened its first branch on Gore Boulevard in Lawton. In order to make banking more convenient, in 1997, City National Bank transitioned to in-store branches with its first branch inside Walmart in Lawton, Oklahoma. Since then, City National Bank has expanded into over 20 different communities in Oklahoma and Kansas and is expanding every day.

Today, City National Bank has 39 branches and is continuing to grow every day. With a network of conveniently-located ATMs and branches and all the tools you need to manage your accounts, banking has never been easier or more convenient. Just like our founders, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best in customer service and solid, stable financial services.

We at City National Bank pride ourselves on 100+ years of community banking and look forward to the next 100 years. City National Bank – Where relationships begin, and customer service never ends!