Troubleshooting FAQs
1. It's making me get another One-Time Access Code, and I've already entered one.
The first time you log in as a new user, you will be required to obtain a one-time access code to register as a user and register your device. If your log in ID or password has changed it will ask that you re-register your device.

2. I have already registered my browser and it’s asking me for another one-time access code.
This may be an issue with the cookie settings in your browser. Please select a link below of the browser you are using to verify and/or update the cookie settings:

Browsers for Microsoft operating systems:

Microsoft Internet Explorer®

Mozilla Firefox®

Google Chrome™

Browsers for Mac operating systems:

Mozilla Firefox®


Google Chrome™

3. What are the browser requirements?

4. I can’t view all of the accounts on which I am a signer.
You will only be able to view accounts on which you are a primary or joint owner. If you are missing an account, please send us a secure message within CityNET Online Banking telling us the account number and we will get it added for you.

5. The email address and phone number displayed for my one-time access code is incorrect. How do I finish logging in?

For your security, please visit your local branch so we may verify your identity and update your contact information.

6. I am trying to enroll. What is my Security Access Code?
  • Your Security Access Code is a unique code that you gave to us when you opened your account so we can easily verify you. If you have forgotten this code, please visit your local branch so we may verify your identity and we can update this information.

7. Do I need to download a new mobile app?
No, new apps do not need to be reinstalled; however, your app may need to be updated if you haven’t already done so or your phone does not automatically update apps.

General FAQs
1. What is CityNET Online Banking?

CityNET Online Banking is an internet-based system that allows you to have constant access to your account. You can view account activity and account statements. You can even make transfers between your accounts, view your transactions, pay your bills, and much more. CityNET also offers you the ability to send and receive secure messages to and from City National Bank. Mobile banking, mobile apps, and text banking are also available!

2. What is Bill Pay?
Bill Pay is the feature that allows you to schedule payments to be sent automatically from your account. This feature will save you time and money. Schedule the day the payment is to be made, allowing 1-3 business days for electronic payments and 5-7 business days for paper checks. The funds will be debited from the account. The difference is, we send it for you electronically or mail it. No stamps, no envelopes.

3. How much does CityNET Online Banking cost?
CityNET (without Bill Pay) has no monthly fee. This includes balance inquiry, funds transfer, check images, and eStatements.
Bill Pay is an additional service and is available to new customers for a 90 day trial period. After 90 days, a fee will be applied directly to the enrolled bill pay account on a monthly basis based on the account type. For additional information please refer to our CityNET Consumer Online Banking Agreement.

4. Can I use Quicken® or Microsoft Money® with Online Banking?
Yes. You can currently download your account history into your Quicken® software or QuickBooks® software. You can also download your account history with Microsoft Excel.

5. What do I need to enroll for CityNET Online Banking?

6. How do I log in to view my account?
If you enrolled online through our website, your Login ID and password will be what you chose at the time of enrollment, unless you have since changed them. If you completed a paper form at one of our branch locations, your Login ID will be your full Social Security Number with no dashes or space, and you will click “I am a First Time User” without entering a password. You can also log in using our free City National Bank app found in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

7. What if I forget my Online Banking Login ID and/or Password?
  • If you forget your Login ID and/or Password, you can contact the CityNET Dept. at 1(866)-385-3444.

    • o Forgotten Password - If you have forgotten your password, you will enter your “Login ID” on the main page of the website and then check the “Forgot Password?” without entering a password, and click "Login".

    • o Forgotten Login ID -  If you have forgotten your Login ID, please visit a local branch with a valid government issued ID and we will be happy to assist you.

8. How do I change my Login ID?
You can change your Login ID under the "Settings" link when you are logged in to CityNET. Click “Security Preferences” and then the “Change Login ID” option.

9. What is a memo posted transaction, and can I view it online?
Anything that is in a memo status should be considered a pending transaction. This activity may include automatic deposits or withdrawals, debit card transactions, or deposits held for collection. And yes, you can now view a memo posted transaction in your account activity online, it will be labeled as a pending. Your available account balance will reflect a pending transaction, but the current account balance will not change until the transaction is posted to your account. These transactions normally post within 1-2 business days, depending on the type of transaction.

10. How do I add an account to Online Banking?
When you open a new account and you are a primary or joint account owner, it will automatically be added for you. You are not able to view accounts in which you are not a signer.

11. Why won’t you reset my password for my spouse?
Each person should have their own Login ID. This is solely for privacy and security. We encourage your spouse to enroll for his/her own Login ID. We will only reset passwords for the owner of the Login ID.

12. Can I change the appearance of my Online Banking?
Yes! If you go to “Settings” then, “Themes,” you will find a variety of themes to choose from. There is something for everyone even a Spanish language option.

  • Q2 (Default Theme)
  • Music
  • Large Font
  • Safari
  • Underwater

13. Why did you change my Online Banking?
We’ve listened to your requests and redesigned your online banking experience with you in mind! Your new and improved online banking will offer a new, modern design that you’re going to love. Below are just a few of the exciting improvements.

1. Enjoy a consistent look and feel across all your devices
2. Easily find your most commonly used transactions, all on your new home page
3. Easily access eStatements and Bill Pay through the mobile app
4. Simplify your life with faster, easier Bill Pay functionality
5. Quickly find your most important data with improved search
6. Find a convenient branch or ATM wherever you are with interactive maps

14. How can I view my transactions?
From the main page of your Online Banking all you need to do now is click on the name of your account and it will allow you to see your transactions.

15. How can I view my statement?
From the main page of your Online Banking click “Transactions” and select “Statements.”

16. How can I set up alerts?
From the main page of your Online Banking click “Settings” and select “Alerts.”

17. How can I enroll in Text Banking?
From the main page of your Online Banking click on “Settings” and select “Text Enrollment” once there you will be able to and select to turn your Text Banking on.

18. How can I use Mobile Banking?
You will need to enroll in online banking first, and then you can download the CNB app from the Apple store or from Google play using your smart phone or tablet. Data charges may apply.

19. How do I sign up for eStatements?
From the main page of your Online Banking click on “Transactions” and select “Statements” once there you will be able to select the account you would like to view. After accepting the disclaimer you will be able to view your statements. You will need to follow this procedure for each account for which you wish to receive eStatements.

20. I share a checking account with someone else. Do we both need to enroll or can we share access?
For security reasons, each person must individually enroll. Each person has an individual login and password which uniquely identifies that person. Never share your login information or your password.