Pre-Authorized Overdraft Transfers

How it Works | Requirements | How to Enroll

An overdraft doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have money. It could simply mean that the money you need is in another account. Pre-Authorized Overdraft Transfers are a convenient way to transfer funds from another CNB account into your checking account before it becomes overdrawn. Funds may be transferred from another account such as a savings account, money market account, or additional checking account.


  • It’s a convenient way to transfer funds from another CNB account to your checking account before the account becomes overdrawn;
  • Ensure your bill and other transactions are paid as scheduled; and
  • Decrease the risk of fees, such as late or returned payment fees from merchants.

Important Information
One transfer is posted to your account during nightly processing at the end of the business day. Pre-Authorized Overdraft Transfers are completed in increments of $100 and are subject to a $5 fee. Funds may be transferred in a lesser amount according to the available balance of the account to be debited. Transfers into your checking account are posted with Deposits and Other Credits, before any Withdrawals or Debit Transactions.

This service is not available to cover ATM or debit card transactions. Certain account types have restrictions, such as on the number of withdrawals or transfers that can be made on a monthly basis. Review this Disclosure Booklet and your Consumer Deposit Account brochure. For additional information, you may call us during our business hours at 1-866-385-3444 or write to us at: PO Box 2009, Lawton, OK 73502-2009, or visit any CNB branch.

Let’s say that you have $50 dollars in your checking account, but your car payment of $310 is scheduled to be posted which would cause your account to become overdrawn. During nightly processing, when transactions are sorted into groups before they are posted to your account, it is determined that you have already set-up Pre-Authorized Overdraft Transfers from your savings account. So, $300 would be transferred from your savings account to your checking account. Your checking account would not become overdrawn and your account would not incur an overdraft fee; however, the transfer would be subject to the $5 fee (reflected on your statement as a Sweep Transaction Charge).

• The customer must enroll in Pre-Authorized Overdraft Transfers before the account becomes overdrawn
• The transfers must be made from a CNB account, such as a savings account, money market account, or additional checking account to a CNB checking account.

To enroll in Pre-Authorized Overdraft Transfers, visit your nearest City National Bank branch or call us during our business hours at 1-866-385-3444.