Text Banking

Access your account information via text messaging. Safe and secure, you can check your balance, transfer funds, and see transactions.

Text Banking Instructions

Text Command: Actions:
BAL or BAL <account nickname> Receive account balance (If no account nickname is included,
the balances of all enabled accounts will be listed)
HIST <account nickname> Receive account history
XFER <from account nickname> <to
account nickname> <amount>
Transfer funds between accounts
LIST Receive a list of available text commands
HELP Receive a list of contact points for information on text
banking (for example, your website or phone number)
STOP Stop all text messages to the mobile device (for text banking
and SMS alerts/notifications)
START to 86434 If end users request an SMS TAC or expect an alert they do not receive

• Safe and secure
• Convenient 24/7 account access

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