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City National Bank Teams Up With Customers to Make $10,000 Donation to Area Food Banks

City National Bank recently completed a two-month campaign to raise awareness and money to support community members who rely on food banks throughout the year with a $10,000 donation to area food banks. Donations have been designated to support food banks throughout Oklahoma and Kansas in the communities CNB serves.

“We were shocked to learn that as many as one in four people in this area struggle with food insecurity, and we wanted to do something to help,“ said George Porter, President and CEO of City National Bank. “So we challenged our customers to raise $5,000 with a guarantee we would match their donations dollar-for-dollar. They certainly did not disappoint. Bank employees, customers and community members all pulled together to make this happen. With everything going on in the world right now, it was heartwarming to see so many people work together to help our neighbors in need.”

“During the winter months there is an increased need to help,” said Katie Fitzgerald, CEO of the Regional Food Bank Foundation in Oklahoma City. “You are helping to ensure that fellow Oklahomans living with hunger have access to nutritious food when they need it the most.”

Executive Director of the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, Eileen Ryan Bradshow, said, “All of us at the Food Bank are looking forward to a 2018 with hope and promise. With that in mind, we also know that many of our neighbors continue to struggle. The question for many children, families, veterans, and seniors is, ‘Where will I get my next meal?’ We will work hard every day to make sure this gift touches as many people as possible.”

Food insecurity is an ongoing problem throughout the country. To learn what you can do to help, contact your local or resional food bank.

About City National Bank

Community involvement is one way we embody our values and principles in order to foster stronger and more successful communities. With 38 branches, we are present and active in over 20 different communities across Oklahoma and Kansas, and our investment in and commitment to these communities are vital and integral parts of our success.

We are committed to serving the communities we are so deeply rooted in because we believe in supporting and serving our communities in order to promote growth and prosperity. And for us, community involvement goes well beyond our everyday endeavor to offer superior customer service and convenient and quality products and services – it starts in each of the communities we serve because your success is our success.

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We will match every dollar donated up to $5,000. The best part? Every dollar raised in your community stays in your community.

Did you know as many as 1 in 4 children in Oklahoma and Kansas struggle with hunger every day? Did you know that $1 can provide five meals to hungry families?

Throughout November and December, City National Bank is sponsoring a donation drive for your local food bank. Stop by any CNB location to buy a tag that we will put on our wall. You can spend as little as $1 or as much as you like. We will match every dollar donated up to $5,000. The best part? Every dollar raised in your community stays in your community.

Help us put an end to food insecurity in our communities. Donate today.


At CNB, we care. We care about our customers. We care about our communities. We care about you. We believe in giving back because it helps those in the communities we serve. We give back because it helps you, either directly or indirectly. We give back because it makes this a better place for all of us.

Giving back takes many forms for us. Our branch staff regularly conducts financial literacy classes for young students and adults alike. Our employees donate hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to local causes every year. As an organization, we support – through sponsorships and event promotion – a variety of charities. AMBUCS, United Way, American Cancer Society, local food banks, local chapters of the National MS Society and local schools are just some of the causes we support every year.

We encourage all of you to give back to your community in some way. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Even small gestures can go a long way. When you give back, you not only make someone’s day a little brighter, you make your day brighter too.

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In the meantime, please be diligent in monitoring transaction activity on your account and contact us immediately if you identify any fraudulent transactions. Please contact customer service for more information or if you think your account has been compromised in any way toll-free at 1-866-385-3444.


CNB recently donated more than $4,000 to local animal shelters. The donation was part of a campaign to help animal shelters defraysome of the cost of housing animals in need of a forever home. To raise money, the bank created four limited edition debit card designs that customers were able to purchase. The proceeds from the sale of those debit cards Went to the shelters. We thank all of our customers who participated in the campaign. Your generosity went a long way in helping local shelters and the animals they care for.

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